Everything or Nothing – Movie (41) – April 3, 2013


Everything or Nothing – (2012)
Barbara Broccoli, Every Bond Except Connery
Directed by: Stevan Riley
My Netflix Rating: 4 stars

I love James Bond. I’ve seen 22 of the 23 EON-produced Bond films. Every Bond over the years has had something to offer, some more than others, but they’ve all had something unique to bring to the role. But despite being such a big fan of the series and knowing all the general useless trivia I tend to know about films, I was surprised just how little I apparently knew about the production-side issues of the James Bond franchise.

Namely pretty much everything to do with Sean Connery, to be specific. I knew there was some sort of falling out between Cubby Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and Sean Connery after You Only Live Twice, and that Lazenby’s turn as Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was (unfairly) disliked by audiences, prompting a return of Connery for Diamonds are Forever. I wasn’t aware, however, of just how badly Connery was throwing both of his former filmmaking partners under the bus during public interviews, including one talk show segment where, when asked who the first Bond villain was, he replied “Cubby Broccoli.”

Aside from being informative, Everything or Nothing is just pretty damned entertaining throughout, with every Bond appearing except for Connery. George Lazenby, despite being a one-film Bond, makes the best appearance here: talking about how during shooting of the film he was completely living this glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, bedding four or five women a day, despite having never acted in his life (and straight-up lying to the producers about this fact). His story seems like it could be its own interesting documentary.

Other than that, highlights include: Bill Clinton (?!) making an appearance and declaring himself as a huge Bond fan (I supposed everyone could have guessed that one); the impact of 9/11 on the future of the Bond series, and how Barbara Broccoli thought the series couldn’t go on any longer past that point without taking a more serious tone in return; and Pierce Brosnan asking the interviewer “Which one came after GoldenEye, was it Tomorrow Never Dies or The World is Not Enough? It’s all a blur to me, GoldenEye was the only one that mattered.” And then he completely rips apart just how ridiculous Die Another Day was. Fantastic.

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